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Company logo: A hexagon with six nuances from red to light orange, and the name of the company, Michele Manocchi Organizational Consulting

Crucial Skills and Organizational Culture

How to support and achieve efficiency, productivity, and harmony while working

Healthy and successful organizations are made by people that are able to collaborate and work as a team towards common goals, while inspired by an organizational culture that is clearly communicated and supported by the senior leadership. But this situation is neither easy to achieve nor to maintain once achieved. Why? Because in complex environments, with many employees, several internal departments and sub-teams, in addition to external suppliers, stakeholders, and partners, different interpretations clash, with outcomes difficult to anticipate. 

The so-called soft skills, which we name here Crucial Skills, are so important because they can support the organizational growth while helping everyone in knowing more about themselves and how they can embody the organizational culture.

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