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Company logo: A hexagon with six nuances from red to light orange, and the name of the company, Michele Manocchi Organizational Consulting


Welcome to Michele Manocchi Organizational Consulting.

We help people, organizations, institutions, and businesses achieve their unique goals. How? Working WITH our clients, working with YOU. Together, we will identify your needs and expectations, which will inform tailor-made practical strategies to make yourself and your organization more effective and inclusive. Book now an informative free session or learn more about Our Services and offers.

A black&white portrait of Michele looking right at the camera with a grave and focused expression communicating attention to you and active listening.


Michele arrived in Canada in 2013 from Italy. His own immigration experience is something Michele uses as a framework to observe and understand Canadian institutions, organizations, and society at large, particularly focusing on social justice and inclusion issues, which constitute his main passions.

Michele is committed to supporting organizations and communities in tackling complex social issues such as equity, diversity, inclusion, racism, systemic discrimination, and implicit bias. To do so, he can count on more than 15 years of international experience plus his educational background and expertise, which includes a Ph.D. in Comparative Social Research, an Intercultural Competency Master Trainer Certificate, and a Strategy Implementation Institute Certificate.

Committed to Excellence

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