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Strategic Planning and Evaluation

Pick Your Goals, Achieve Them and then Tell Your Story

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Our clients love thinking about new projects and ideas. It is a creative moment, where possibilities and opportunities for new scenarios arise. But together with the excitement for the new ideas, the strategic and operational difficulties to implement them at the practical level become apparent.

Planning is the best strategy to identify which actually is the best path for your business and organization towards the new goals, which resources are already available to face the new challenges, and which ones are still needed to improve your performances and be successful.


And a tailored evaluation plan is what you need to keep under control the process and to be sure you are going where planned. As well, through the evaluation we will:

  • enhance systemic self-understanding and self-accountability among your staff members;

  • support requests for increased funding by providing evidence of effectiveness;

  • leverage program strengths and work on ineffective practices;

  • provide additional information to the decision-makers to inform the strategic planning;

  • take into account the cultural complexity of your environment.

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